Rennaissance Spain

Landscapes of THE RED RIBBON

Take a trip across Renaissance Spain. The kingdoms are powerful and flexing their muscles. Spain is an amalgam of cultures and peoples ruled by Isabel, the visionary queen of Castile and Leon, and her husband Fernando, king of Aragon and Sicily, an energetic man and cunning soldier.  A power couple if ever there was one, Isabel and Fernando are about to achieve the goal for which they’ve been fighting for years, the surrender of the kingdom of Granada. That’s the setting of my novel, THE RED RIBBON (more).

Come along and discover cities such as Siguenza, deep in the heart of Castile, a place with a cathedral-fortress and strong towers. Wander the lovely halls and courtyards of the Palace of the Infantado in Guadalajara, seat of the powerful Mendoza family. Explore the magnificent communities of old Sepharad, Jewish Spain. And let Granada enchant you. Because it will.

Click on “i” on the photos to find out more. These are just a sample of the landscapes of THE RED RIBBON.

I hope you enjoy it.



© Adelaida Lucena de Lower 2012

© Mariano Roa Priego 2012

For more views of the tomb of Martín Vázquez de Arce and of the cathedral of Siguenza, visit Mariano Roa Priego‘s great albums.

About Adelaida

Adelaida Lucena de Lower is a writer and avid reader. She has just finished THE RED RIBBON, a novel about prejudice and love set in 15th century Spain. She is writing and researching the next. Think Moorish invasion, Goths, treason, mayhem, and brother against sister.